Elena House is a gifted young American actress and singer.  From the age of 13 she has  performed internationally as a singer and more recently has broken onto the acting scene in an HBO series.   A world-class artist, Elena has a natural aptitude to expertly combine her varied skills in refreshing and inventive ways.

Whether acting or performing, Elena is as much at ease on stage as in front of the camera.  A phenomenal singer, her music encompasses opera to classical pop.  Elena is also a talented pianist, dancer, martial artist and gymnast.


Elena recently played the roll of Trish Mullins in the upcoming HBO series “Vice Principals” staring Danny McBride.

In 2014 she played a lead role as Fang in the upcoming feature film “Atlanta Vampire” Movie.

Elena was cast in the TV pilot, “Reunited: A Southern Touch”, filmed in the Atlanta area in September, 2013. Elena was also chosen to perform a song during that movie.

A movie director who has cast Elena in his up-coming drama about a young band calls her a “septuple threat”.  He came up with that after watching her demo video where, in addition to acting, singing and playing piano she demonstrates martial arts, gymnastics, dance and modeling.

Stars2Come magazine reported “She is a skilled actress and highly trained in the martial arts style Aikido. These talents allow her to bring to life any story she wishes to tell. Elena has brought many stories to life through music from classical to fantasy. She has portrayed many characters in her (music) videos showing her grace and imagination.”


Elena performs arias and classical works in English, Italian, Latin, German, Czech and Chinese. She also sings modern works from artists such as Sarah Brightman, Enya, Ennio Morricone, Nightwish, Queen and Metallica.

Elena was the lead singer at the Thomas S. World Music concert in Switzerland at the age of 13. She also performed at the red carpet event, “The World’s Most Distinguished Chinese Award Gala”, at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, on June 28, 2014.

Elena began her voice training under Richard Fink, IV, creator of THROGA.  In March 2012, Elena started her classical training under one of the greatest vocal teachers in the world, currently residing in Paris, France.

Of her singing, one reviewer wrote “… Elena House, whose voice seems to come from another dimension, inside, from which dreams & hopes spring and where true beauty, gentleness and power live.”

Her music based Youtube channel,, passed 6 Million views in early 2016.


Elena became involved in gymnastics and the aikido discipline of martial arts almost as soon as she could stand.  Elena’s father, Robert, was a NCAA gymnastics gold medalist with the University of Georgia and an Aikido master, so Elena certainly has these two interests “in her blood”.  Elena has trained in on camera combat with Master Mike Chat at the XMA world headquarters, Los Angeles. She has also undergone years of weapons training with the Japanese sword and wooden staff.


Elena’s dance repertoire includes ballet, ballroom and hip-hop which she readily displays in many of her music videos.

Describing her rendition of the sultry femme fatale in Guiditta’s aria Miene Lippen, Sie Kussen so Heisse, Edmund St. Austell wrote “Some might see this as a bit on the far side of propriety, but theatrically, I would say that it is justified by her exceptional beauty and marked acting ability.  She also moves with a dancer’s grace.  When I first saw this video I was reminded of words I wrote in this space when discussing the young ballerina Diana Vishneva and spoke of her ‘spunk and sparkle’.”


Elena started her musical education as a dedicated pianist at age 8 and performs pieces from Richard Clayderman to Beethoven.  She remembers her parents setting up a keyboard behind the last booth in their restaurant where she would put on earphones and practice while waitresses bustled around her.  Elena studied piano under Rick Smith, conductor, Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra.


Elena began modeling even before she started kindergarten.  She soon became the favorite child model for the president of the Atlantic Photographic Society.  Photographs of young Elena won multiple top prizes.  Elena is the subject of photo shoots in support of all her new music videos and uses these beautiful works of art to promote and build anticipation for the release of her new material.


Elena and her parents started renovating a 120 year old Opera House in 2002.  At that time Elena had seen some operas but, of course, had not yet thought of singing opera.  Her early exposure to opera influenced the type of music she now sings, the relationship of music and acting she produces in her videos, and her flair for dramatic arts, creativity and innovation.

After 10 long years with many sacrifices, the family has turned the Opera House into the gem of the city.  There is a heart-warming documentary video showing Elena on the roof with a shovel in her hands at the age of five.

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