FRANCO LOFRANO – Trebisacce, Italy

“Elena House, whose voice seems to come from another dimension, inside, from which dreams & hopes spring and where true beauty, gentleness and power live. Hearing her sing makes me shudder, because we realize that we are faced with a wonderful girl, with exceptional ethical values and, at the same time, with an incredible voice, which makes you close your eyes and transports you to a wondrous world, made of paradisiacal melody, respecting the technique and, above all, from the heart…”

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“One of the truly refreshing things about Elena is that she presents herself for exactly what she is—a 14-year old girl who is multi-talented and making her first tenuous steps into an extraordinarily demanding profession. She is not yet a fully professional singer, although some of her performances equal what some young professionals do.”

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“Elena is an artist in every sense of the word. Her artistry extends far beyond just music. She is a skilled actress and highly trained in the martial arts style Aikido. These talents allow her to bring to life any story she wishes to tell. Elena has brought many stories to life through music from classical to fantasy. She has portrayed many characters in her videos showing her grace and imagination. Because of her creativity and uniqueness she has amazed many people world-wide and has become a legend…”

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“Elena House is a lot of things: a singer, pianist, gymnast, model, actress, dancer and a martial artist – and she’s just fourteen years old!  Whilst there could be concern that she spreads herself too thin, House actually incorporates everything she does to complement her music…”

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